Mavens Customer Interaction Manager Multichannel: Multiple moments in one conversation

Pharma companies can’t ignore that the way they talk to HCPs is changing. One-on-one relationships are being replaced by digital—and increasingly impersonal—interactions. Every pharma company (and even every individual brand) works hard to communicate in a way that benefits both their internal marketing strategy and their most important audiences. The problem is that companies have built their communication infrastructures around channels and not around people.

The average HCP has to manage as many as 14 username and password combinations—for a single large pharma company. And most pharma companies can’t track a customer from one brand site to another or know where, when, or how they want to hear from them.

The problem is becoming so big that the industry has put together a consortium to figure out customer identity and consent in this changing landscape.

If you’re like most pharma companies—and you want to stay top of mind in 2017—you need a multichannel strategy. Yesterday.

Why you want a multichannel strategy

There are countless ways for HCPs to interact with you: over the phone, on the computer, via mobile, through google, through social, at conferences, etc. The key to effective relationship management is to treat all of those interfaces as one extended conversation. But to do this you have to know who you’re talking with and what you’ve told them so far. How else could you have a real conversation with someone?

You don’t want to ask an HCP looking for help if they’ve read the FAQs—you should already know if they have or not.

To do this you need a tool that can manage customer identification and consent in one place. You already have a CRM, but you need to build a structure on top that can manage identification and consent. This way you can keep everyone on the same page at the same time—from your sales rep to your commercial team to your HCPs. That’s why Mavens developed the Customer Interaction Manager tool.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • 1. Know who your customers are.

    Easily integrate Customer Interaction Manager with your existing CRM to keep track of interactions with one HCP across a variety of channels. Know when they find you through social, when they look at multiple brand sites, and how much background they already have when you reach out.

  • 2. Know where they want to be contacted.

    Consent is a big deal, and you shouldn’t be reaching out to customers unless they’ve given you the okay. But just as important is making sure they’re actually listening on a given channel. Effortlessly engage with your customers where they want you to—and not where they’ll tune you out.

  • 3. Make their lives easier.

    With a single identity hub that tracks who your customers are and what information they want to get, you can condense those 14 logins into one. Earn their enduring appreciation by simplifying your processes.

  • 4. Be globally compliant.

    With new regulations in Europe and elsewhere, consent is more important than ever. Rules like “right to be forgotten” require a centralized consent management system to make sure opt-outs really opt out.

  • 5. Do it all for less.

    Centralizing the basic infrastructure of your brand sites—identity management, consent management, profile management, etc.—means fewer dollars and less time wasted reinventing the wheel for every site.

The bottom line: make HCPs’ lives easier by facilitating fast, efficient interactions with you, while saving money and time on tedious backend tasks. Mavens is leading the charge on simplifying your future. To find out how Customer Interaction Manager can bring your relationships into the 21st Century, contact us today. 

Sam Rosen

Author Bio

Sam Rosen leads Mavens’ Commercial practice. With a strong background in multichannel marketing and enterprise software development, he has 4+ years of experience working with Pharma, IT, and standards bodies.