Mavens Patient Journey Navigator: Building roadmaps beyond the pill

Patient journeys are no longer linear—they have twists and turns, roadblocks and obstacles that change almost daily. As medicine becomes more specialized and going beyond the pill becomes more important, the cost of managing treatments is also increasing. Couple this cost and complexity with the increasing need to show positive outcomes and it’s easy to lose the way to patient care.

Mavens Patient Journey Navigator is built to help you plan, centralize, and adapt patient journeys so you can find the right path quickly—and efficiently—every time.

In addition to building effective roadmaps to care, Patient Journey Navigator helps solve some of the challenges brought on by managing access and reimbursement:

  • 1. Own your data.

    Outsourcing to a specialty hub may make sense for staffing, but it makes less sense to outsource your platform. When you and your hub work through Mavens Patient Journey Navigator, you’ll own and control your patient data. This makes it much easier for you to have up-to-date information on where your patients are hitting roadblocks. You’ll also have an open channel to real-world data you can use to support your payer negotiations and better defend your pricing.

  • 2. Unify interactions with specialty pharmacies.

    Small, scattered, and siloed specialty pharmacies can be difficult to manage. Mavens Journey Navigator gives you consistent starting points for each relationship with the ability to adapt to each pharmacy’s individual needs.

  • 3. Build on platforms you can trust.

    With a Mavens solution accelerator like Patient Journey Navigator, you can take advantage of our experience creating similar solutions for our clients over and over again. We’ve streamlined the process to get you up and running faster, with lower risk and at lower cost. And, we rely on platforms like Salesforce, so you get all the security of working with one of the industry’s most trusted partners.

  • 4. Stay compliant globally.

    Data sovereignty regulations are a real problem—especially if you’re working with multiple hubs stretched across different platforms. Since it’s built on Salesforce, Mavens Patient Journey Navigator will keep you compliant without complications.

Patient journeys are a matter of life or death and it’s increasingly important for you to drive clear outcomes and provide clear paths using all of the tools at your disposal. Clear away the hassles, delays, and clutter of traditional fractured systems with Mavens Patient Journey Navigator.

To learn more, download our Patient Journey Navigator fact sheet.

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Dave Henderson

Author Bio

David Henderson leads Mavens' Life Sciences Strategy practice with over 20 years of industry experience. With Mavens for the past 9 years, he has led global projects in areas such as HCP engagement, multi-channel marketing, and patient services with customers from emerging pre-commercial through top-10 global organizations.