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Veeva CRM is widely used across pharma companies, where field-based medical reps know and love it as a convenient tool for building relationships with healthcare professionals. Out-of-the-box Veeva functionality works well for field force users, whose typical call volumes allow them to build a relationship over time. However, for inside sales teams—including telesales, virtual reps, and remote reps—far higher call volumes make building relationships more difficult.

Inside sales teams might work on a variety of campaigns and reach out to or follow up with many different HCPs on any given day. For each call they need to locate HCP information, such as name and phone number, and review any previous call notes. They need easily accessible information to enable them to quickly build rapport.

High call volumes mean inside sales teams need easily accessible information so they can quickly build rapport.

Unless the rep is super organized or has a good system to enable them, they can spend a lot of time each day simply hunting for information or figuring out who to call next.

At Mavens, we set out to simplify this process by delivering a single screen that provides the campaign information with the HCP’s details and previous call notes. It also tracks who to call back and automatically figures out who to call next.

Our Inside Sales Accelerator—a solution custom-built for the Veeva platform—navigates the rep to the next call automatically, displaying the key information they need to make the call with confidence.

Inside Sales Accelerator

Key Functionality

  • A single screen presents key information about the HCP, campaign, and previous call attempts.

  • In addition to creating campaigns and assigning different reps to each campaign, managers can also prioritize campaigns.

  • Reps can see scheduled and flexible call-backs in addition to upcoming and recent calls, all from a single screen.

  • The Next Call functionality automatically figures out who to call next and prevents two reps from calling the same HCP.

  • Inside Sales Accelerator integrates easily with your existing CTI platform using Open CTI Connector.

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Key Business Benefits

  • Increased number of outbound calls per day

  • Better diary management for call-backs

  • Increased rep productivity and effectiveness

Inside Sales Accelerator

Rollout Benefits of Using an Accelerator 

Accelerators are software starter kits built on platforms such as Veeva. They get our clients up and running faster with lower risk and at lower cost. Mavens can quickly implement Inside Sales Accelerator in your Veeva environment and customize the fields and labels to support your specific business requirements.

This accelerator is built on top of Veeva’s Campaign and Campaign Targets modules, so you won’t need to worry about data migration and the solution will work with your existing Reports and Dashboards.

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Author Bio

Minesh Patel is a project lead in Mavens Commercial Practice based out of the U.K. Minesh has successfully implemented numerous projects across various CRM technologies and industries over the last 14 years.