Salesforce World Tour London: A brief roundup

It’s that time of year again, Salesforce World Tour in London. Thousands of people coming to East London to bathe in the hype, excitement, and success of Salesforce.

Those who have attended Salesforce’s conferences before will know that Salesforce events come with some choice phrases and a key focus area. This year the focus was on the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and success with Trailhead. To quote Salesforce,

“We’re in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - an incredible wave of technical innovation that is transforming our daily lives. Behind these new technologies are customers demanding smarter, faster, and more personalized experiences. Today, you’ll hear how Trailblazers can use the Customer Success Platform to create connected experiences, learn new skills, innovate at their companies, and shape the future.”

This year's keynote “We are All Trailblazers” was delivered by Simon Mulcahy, Salesforce’s Global Chief Marketing Officer. His keynote included presentations from Astriid (a charity connecting companies and professionals who have suffered health problems yet still have a lot of useful skills to offer employers), Ulster Bank, and Adidas. These impressive stories and demos showed how the right vision can lead to great results for your organization and how Trailhead can help drive your team to success.

These impressive stories and demos showed how the right vision can lead to great results for your organization and how Trailhead can help drive your team to success.

In addition to Trailhead featuring heavily in the keynote, it was also an important part of the content of the main exhibition floor. Judging by the lines of smiling people it seems a popular topic and many attendees taking advantage of the experts on hand to help them get up and running, or maybe they just all wanted to win the t-shirts and cuddly toys.

Following the keynote and a view around the exhibition hall (whilst enjoying the free lunch), I attended "The Rise of Multi-stakeholder Omni Channel Engagement in Healthcare & Life Sciences" by Dr. Wolfgang Lippert from Salesforce and Helen Jordan, Head of Integrated Market Access at IQVIA. For those in the HLS space this statement from an IQVIA white paper in 2016 will come as no surprise:

“There is a strong recognition across the industry of the need for companies to become increasingly patient-centric, but research continues to demonstrate that most companies struggle with both defining and delivering patient centricity.”

Helen talked about the common challenges and how IQVIA view Patient Engagement and work to put patients at the center of what they do. There were a couple of minutes left for questions, one of which asked how IQVIA UK team had adopted Health Cloud given it was built around a US model. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to get into the detail of this, but the short answer, was keep the bits you need and configure the bits that aren’t right.

I immediately left this session and went next door to: "Driving Digital Transformation with MuleSoft." During the morning’s keynote, Simon Mulcahy mentioned the phrase "Integration Cloud" when referring to the recent MuleSoft acquisition. Unfortunately, nothing else was said on the subject. I decided to attend this session hoping for some insight into the future of the integration platform. The room was packed solid and all the standing space was fully occupied. Paul Crerand from MuleSoft gave an excellent presentation on the challenges with integration and driving transformation, but unfortunately no information on the future roadmap of the platform. I guess we may need to wait until Dreamforce to see what Integration Cloud may deliver.

I decided to attend this session hoping for some insight into the future of the integration platform.

In the exhibition hall, the usual integration partners had their booths; Jitterbit, Informatica, and Dell Boomi. I wonder which of them will be there next year?

The third talk I attended was, “Salesforce Einstein: Blaze New Trails with AI." I know a number of the Mavens team have been investigating various use cases with Einstein, but I have yet to dabble in that area. Therefore I found this presentation particularly interesting. The top two features from this presentation for me were:

  • Org Readiness: Salesforce conducts a readiness check of your org and creates a PDF report featuring the 9 features of Einstein with red/amber/green status for your org. This helps refine which features may be of value to you and which are ready to use.

  • Einstein Prediction builder: Using configuration, your administrator can build a custom prediction field powered by Einstein AI. For example, a field to calculate the likelihood of closing a deal. Einstein can provide a score, but also suggestions on how to improve the score. This is all done through a simple wizard and point and click interface.

If you're interested in learning more, search Youtube for Salesforce Einstein: Blaze New Trails with AI.

At this point in the day, I decided to take a break from the presentations and walk around the exhibition hall some more. 

The final presentation I attended was Salesforce World Tour Dreampitch 2018. Three startups were in competition for a £100,000 investment from Salesforce Ventures. They had 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for questions from a panel of three judges. All three startups presented innovative ideas but ultimately Sales Optimize took home the prize with their innovative offering for eCommerce sales leads. 

It’s 5pm, the networking reception had started, so time to meet up with some fellow Mavens, compare notes and let the networking start.

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Author Bio

Minesh Patel is a project lead in Mavens Commercial Practice based out of the U.K. Minesh has successfully implemented numerous projects across various CRM technologies and industries over the last 14 years.