VisualData Cloud 360: Prebuilt Visualizations for Veeva MyInsights

Veeva released MyInsights last year as a new tool for creating powerful visualizations. Based on Maven’s project experience with Veeva and MyInsights, combined with our industry knowledge, we pre-built a series of visualizations that can be tailored and deployed in a matter of just a few weeks. These visualizations will immediately improve field rep efficiency with better customer insights, giving them the information they need before they walk in the door.

Mavens has created a series of pre-built visualizations that can be tailored and deployed in a matter of just a few weeks.

Support Your Field Force. Your field force visit numerous customers each day and often have limited time to prepare for each call. With that in mind, we designed VisualData Cloud 360 to make life easier for the field force, delivering all the information they need in a single interface. We have surfaced key information with a minimum of clicks. So what may take several minutes and multiple screens to find in Veeva CRM Offline is now surfaced immediately, reducing the time that the field force spend gaining customer insights

Get Up and Running More Quickly. We built VisualData Cloud 360 to reduce the time it will take you to get up and running with MyInsights. Imagine how long it would take if you started from a blank piece of paper. You would need to capture and agree on requirements, work through various iterations of designs, have the visualizations built and tested, document what was built, and then roll it out. Mavens realized this process can often be time-consuming and difficult. So we have taken care of some of the leg work by pre-building the visualizations and creating the initial Requirements Document and Admin Guide. This means a project that would normally take a number of months can be done in weeks.

We built VisualData Cloud 360 to reduce the time it will take you to get up and running with MyInsights.

VisualData Cloud 360 Features

Account Overview

Account overview & activity summary

  • Core account information
  • Multichannel activity summary
  • Custom account notifications
  • Sampling and licensing
  • Team members

Activity Timeline

Activity timeline

  • Activities by channel

  • Powerful filters


Navigate to external links such as:

  • An existing BI report specific for this HCP

  • Hospital Ordering report

  • HCP’s Linkedin profile



  • Review open, closed and expired suggestions

Sales vs Activity

Sales data vs. activity
Review sales data

  • Your products vs competitor product

  • How your HCP activity correlates to sales

VisualData Cloud 360 Benefits

  • Key insights at your fingertips

  • Use configuration not code to change what is displayed

  • Can be easily tailored to accommodate your existing Veeva setup

  • Can be tailored across different user profiles and account record types

  • Using our purpose built solution sales data volumes are significantly condensed to reduce storage worries and sync times

Demo CTA

VDC 360 Special Features

We built VisualData Cloud 360 to allow faster rollouts compared to custom-building MyInsights. We can easily tailor which object, fields, tabs, sections, etc. are displayed or hidden. Our underlying design and framework allow you to easily select the components that suit your needs, and remove the components that are not required.

Platform for the Future
We are working to add further new visualization, so just because you don’t see something today, does not mean we are not already working on it. Speak to us to find out if VisualData Cloud 360 could save you time and money on your MyInsights implementation.

What if I want something unique?
Maybe our pre-built visualizations are not what you are looking for. Don’t worry—using our VisualData Cloud framework, we are able to implement visualizations specific to your requirements at an accelerated pace. Check out this blog post for more information or send us a message.

Contact us today to unlock better insights.

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Author Bio

Minesh Patel is a project lead in Mavens Commercial Practice based out of the U.K. Minesh has successfully implemented numerous projects across various CRM technologies and industries over the last 14 years.